Cleopatra’s ass

Cleopatra and the asp

Can I order a large luxury bathful of ass’s milk like our Cleopatra did so I can bathe myself in the white liquid? I suspect I’ll come out in a massive rash. but it might be a tale worth telling later. It’s always struck me as one of the least likely ways I’d spend my Saturday evening.

Were candles around in ancient Egypt, I wonder? Plenty of wine no doubt, but I prefer gin myself, so bring out the tonic water. I wonder what that would be like to bathe in? Bubbles in unexpected places no doubt. Here’s another thing: did she use a loofah? That sounds Egyptian, doesn’t it?

Ok, so you don’t think the beautifullest creature on earth would like tonic, but I’m not that woman. Although Liz Taylor was and I bet she liked a bit of gin with her husbands – before they went for a Burton.