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The Order of the Day Eric Vuillard

Truth is scattered into many kinds of dust

Written with devastating and biting honesty, the brevity and precision of this French ‘récit’, which is filled with moments of irony, farce and anecdote against the backdrop of the Third…

The Inspeparables Simone de Beauvoir

The Inseparables

With unsurprising spoiler Censored in its day, the coming-of-age novella by France’s most significant 20th century feminist, Simone de Beauvoir, now has an introduction by the 21st century’s foremost feminist,…

The Forgiven Lawrence Osborne

The Forgiven: not easily forgotten

The short subtitle to this novel could be, ‘Drunken British man kills Moroccan roadside thief’. That would not do justice to either the readability or the complexity of this thought-provoking…


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