I’ve spent 17 years in design, layout, writing and accessibility. My first web page was hand coded in 1996 with a text editor while studying computer science at Birmingham University.

I’m a Deputy Publications Manager involved in writing, subbing, layout, and proofreading for print and web. I’m also responsible for preparing accessible web documents with full metadata, web links and tagging. During this time, I wrote our magazine for a year, when I also studied for the NCTJ and won a communications award for a feature interview.

I keep a blog and I’ve done a few web pages in my spare time. I ran the NO2ID Birmingham campaign for a couple of years, I’m a trade unionist and I’m politically active. I tend to focus on campaigning and organising in civil liberties, equality and human rights and I’m interested in how social media affects communications and privacy.

My other ‘lay’ interests are literature and philosophy, but I’m no expert in either.

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