2020 was one year I will never forget. The speed and volume of work I dealt with was defined by the word of the year – unprecedented. Digital stood starkly in focus as the answer to so many of our common difficulties – only our healthcare seemed to be offline.

After nearly 20 years in writing, design, layout and accessibility for print and web, I’ve been a Digital Campaigns and Comms Manager for about 3 years, which means I’m involved in editing and design for the web and other digital platforms. In the past, I’ve been responsible for writing, subediting, proofreading, design and accessibility for print.

I’ve tried to keep this blog going in the precious few hours I’ve had to spare. My new focus seems to be short comments on books and films, plays or telly, but I’m still interested in how social media affects communications and privacy.

My other ‘lay’ interests are ‘literature’ and philosophy, but I’m no expert in either.


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