Found this a bit of a chore. It felt quite tricksy and self-regarding and the big reveal wasn’t nearly as surprising as I believe the author intended because it was easily predictable beforehand.

I look down at the puddle of blood by my feet, locking eyes with my own reflection. 

This is not a spoiler…

Once I’d realised what was happening, quite early on, it was then irritating to be led around by the nose trying to decide which characters/places were ‘real’, although it was generally easy to see which were not and that became tedious.

Supermarket by Bobby Hall

The sense of what was to happen next was always too near the surface and the whole book ultimately felt strung out too much because of it.

This attempt at a modern-day Catcher in the Rye by Bobby Hall never reaches the Salinger standard. Apparently, it’s also very like Fight Club/Palahniuk and other American writers, but I can’t vouch for that.