Mirror, mirror, who is the bigotest of them all?

My dignity and ‘honour’ were severely compromised when, after 12 years, I was told by an anonymous emailer, who insulted my intelligence and the nature of the relationship by using a false name to conceal their identity, that it was time to relinquish my ‘hold’ over their poor little innocent (a British-born atheist Pakistani with a masters degree in philosophy) because of ‘religious and cultural differences’. We agreed to ignore it and a follow-up email arrived with a threat to take it to the elders in the family. It was at that point that I fully realised their abject rejection of ever knowing me was probably never going to come up for compromise. I, as well as other white people, am viewed through a prism of prejudice and bigotry by their family and friends, who are mostly well-educated, middle-class professionals working in banking, finance and the public sector, in much the same way the other bigots hate Muslims.