Ahmadiyya blindness

Recorded most of Britain’s Biggest Mosque due to my course in Constitutional Studies in the Muslim World, so catching up on replies to my tweets.

  1. The old excuse of separate but equal: never a good argument against segregation or apartheid.
  2. The women prefer to stay out of the camera’s eye due to issues of ‘modesty’. I neither condone nor support segregation or so-called ‘modesty’ fetishes for women.
  3. It’s the women’s choice: 100% of the women prefer to be invisible? Choice only exists if the segregated section of the community could use the main facilities if they wished. I suspect they can’t.
  4. Their exclusion isn’t discrimination: the absence of women in the public arena is discrimination – whether you like it or not.
  5. The constant references in the media to men-only groups as ‘people’ only serves to embed and reinforce the idea of women’s second-class status.